Wednesday, 3 April 2013

New Series - Myths debunked

Buzz Buzz, says the little Bumblebees vibrating flight-muscles

Myth 1 - Bumblebees burn instead of sting (also they can't really fly, but do it anyway because they don't know that they can't)

Truth - Let's start with the basics; bees are insects with about 20 000 species among them. And like Hippies they are everywhere (except Antarctica because there are no flowers there, same reason for Hippies). 
They have a long "tongue" that they suck nectar with and they produce honey (some of them, those that count. The rest can sod off, our tea have no use for you). 
According to myth Bumblebees doesn't have a stinger, but instead burn their victims (mostly stupid dogs, stupid cats and stupid kids) with some sort of heat or acid. The truth is that not only do they sting, they lack the barbs on the stingers honey-bees have so they can sting repeatedly. Thankfully they are quite restrictive and sting only in defense of their nest or their body.

Also they can fly, obviously. They are just very clumsy and ineffective flyers.

Angry Bird wants you! (to marry someone)

Myth 2 - Birds that eat uncooked rice from the street at a wedding explodes (and dies, presumably)

Truth - They just don't, trust me on this. It doesn't even make sense. Birds eat rice in the wild and are very rarely found to have pots and pans in their kitchen to cook said rice. They are also capable of digesting food, like most animals (and some scary ass flowers) are.

"The Five Senses" by Hans Makart, missing the puke sensor

Myth 3 - People have 5 senses

Truth - This one is pretty surprising. I was surprised when I learned this, people I talk to are surprised when i tell them ("what? more than 5 senses? what are you doing in my bedroom?") and I have a sneeking suspicion that you are surprised right now, dear reader.
So what's the deal? Everyone except Hippies knows that we have 5 senses, Hippies knows we have 6 (the sixths sense is doing pretty much everything apparently). Well I am sad to say that all you know is a lie (all you know about us having 5 senses that is, the rest is probably solid information), I'm sadder to say that Hippies are actually closer to the real answer. So what is the real answer, and will I ever shut up about Hippies?
The real, definitive answer to the question "how many senses does a human being have" is....unknown. Or at least undecided. The problem is that there is now definitive definition of sense.
The basic 5 senses we can all agree on; it's sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. But that doesn't cover all the perceptions we get. We must add things like balance, sense of time, pain and the kinesthetic sense (basically where your arms and legs are in relation to your body). Besides this there are a lot of internal senses that regulate your body, like bloodpressure, stretch receptors in the lungs and all the nasty (but sensationally important) sensors that tell you to puke, poop and pee.

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