Friday, 5 April 2013

Myths part II

Sorry dudes, not gonna happen. Probably. Unless you are loaded. Or if it's hipster-glasses by some unfathomable reason. 

Myth 4 - Humans communicate with each other subconsciously by chemicals called Pheromones and if you spray a bunch of them on you you're gonna get lucky with all the women within a noseshot (it's a word, damn you red squiggly line)

Truth - First things first; pheromones exist. A lot of non-human animals and even plants use them all the time to tell one another what's up. And even if it ruins my own game I must confess that there may even be pheromones floating around between humans, it would explain some strange choices (i.e some beautiful women choosing me), we'll get to that later.
The myth I have in mind is the one that there are clearly defined chemical compounds that we can replicate and use for a specific task. That just doesn't hold any scientific validity.

Pheromones are simply a chemical emitted by one individual that triggers a response on another individual. It can be sexual, but can also be something as simple as leaving a trail to food or sounding an alarm. But that can't be directly transferred to us
Most animals are stupid, ants for example hardly have brains, so they are not that attentive to subtle nuances in social behavior and cutting edge fashion. That's where the pheromones come in, it's natures traffic signs.

The type of pheromones we are talking about in the myth is the Releaser and Primer. The Releaser is the one changing the sniffers behavior (exact scientific description), and the Primer has to do with slow psychological changes. We probably have Primer-pheromones, babies that find lactating breasts and women synchronizing their menstrual cycles suggest that. What has never been found & identified though is a chemical released by a human that trigger any responses (besides a fart triggering panic in an elevator, we know that is mostly H2S but it's not considered a pheromone).

So why don't we use pheromones? The answer is probably that we lost our gene for VNO receptors at the same time we gained color vision. Vision became more important than smell and enter grills:

"No need to use your nose, I can hear your uterus screaming for my ink and sparkly teeth."
(picture depicting an individual called Lil' Wayne who may or may not be alive)

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