Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Diet, Health & Food-myths Part III (Red Bull)

    Red Bull doesn't give you wings, except if you're an F1 driver. 

    Myth - Red Bull gives you wings (and angel-wings if mixed with Vodka)

    Truth - Red Bull contains one ingredient that will make you a bit less tired, and that is caffeine. That's it! The rest is just sugar, B-vitamins, Glucuronolactone and Taurine. And while Taurine have many biological functions none of these will prevent sleepiness in any degree.
    Well the caffeine then, I hear you ask. It's got so much caffeine it's like drinking 10 cups of coffee!
    Well no, unsurprisingly it doesn't contain more caffeine than coffee. It's about the same or a little less (around 32 mg/100ml) than a normal cup of black gold. And we're not real clear on when your caffeine intake stops having this effect anyway, perhaps the fourth cup doesn't do anything to help with  keeping you up.

    But, I now hear you ask in unison, we've all heard that mixing energy drinks with alcohol is a deadly mix. Surely than can't be a myth.
    But of course it is, it's an absolutely ridiculous myth. Even if there was one chance in a thousand that you'd die I would have died at least ten times. And I haven't...I think.

    I did sleep in a coffin once, but that was during the Interview with the Vampire years. 

    So why do people think it's so dangerous to drink a RBV? Probably it's a mix of what everyone thought Red Bull was in the beginning, that it was borderline cocaine and had lot's of different magic elf-dust that made you smell unicorns

    It tastes like purple 

    and some reports in the media about people who has died after a night of drinking Red Bull cocktails.
    What we fail to take into account is the sheer number of people drinking RedBullVodka every night all around the world, and the few people dying. It's tragic but it's unrelated to RB. One story in the Telegraph was about a 21-year old woman who died after a night out drinking RBV. Turned out she had a heart-condition, was on epilepsy meds and had an abnormally large heart. She had an autopsy and the coroner ruled natural causes.
    There maybe a slight risk of drinking a bit more alcohol than usual when you mix with RB due to the caffeine but then again, there is a slight risk of drinking a bit too much beer sometimes too...


    You know you are just above the perfect amount of drunk when you make the toilet pass out

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