Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Diet, Health & Food-myths Part IV

Now we all know that we can eat chocolate, drink Red-Bull, use normal salt, have some sugar and not to spend all our money on protein bars and amusing shake-bottles. But there are many many myths left out there that will limit the possibility of an easy and wonderful life with the overflow and variation that even Kings couldn't enjoy just a couple of centuries ago. Here are some short facts you can take with you:

  • Microwave your food doesn't contaminate it with radiation
  • Eating late at night doesn't make you fatter than eating at any other time. It's the total calorie intake that counts.
  • Cravings aren't your body telling you what it is missing, it's your mind craving something.
  • Raw-food isn't unequivocally better for you, a lot of vegetables need cooking to loose some bad substances or make nutrients accessible. 
  • Fasting isn't needed to cleanse your body from toxins, it doesn't work like that. 
  • Enemas have no advantages and many perils (unless given by doctors for medical reasons)
  • Muscles doesn't turn into fat if you stop working out, it's different tissue. 
  • Coca-Cola will not dissolve a tooth in a night or melt your stomach
  • Glucuronolactone is not dangerous and has not been banned in relation to brain-tumors
  • Cold water after a meal will not solidify the fat in your stomach
  • Margarine isn't made of plastic
  • Synthetic vitamins have the same effect as natural. It's the same molecule. 
  • No one has ever caught a cold by being cold, the name is misleading. 
  • Absinthe was never hallucinogenic, just cheap and strong. 

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