Sunday, 16 January 2011

Illuminate me from above

Illuminate me from above
let me walk a while in the sun
I’ve spent too many nights
with my mouth around a gun

Illuminate me from above
let me have my moment at last
let me live in the presence
and forget about the past

I’ve searched through my heart
I’ve sifted through bitter ashes
to find a sturdy part
a black box they find at crashes

I’ve fled to another world
to cut the cord that binds me
to this broken world
but somehow it always finds me

Illuminate me from above
point me out to the reaper
the shadows hide me no more
I’m tired of being a creeper

Light me up from below
if that’s where you want to send me
I’ve cursed enough to be welcomed
I’ve hated enough to be loved

                                         - Saint Magnus

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