Saturday, 17 September 2011

Climate update - Co2 rising, temp not following

Despite what we hear from the scientific political camp the increase of Co2 in our atmosphere still doesn't raise the temperature to dangerous levels. The August reading at Mauna Lau reads Co2 at 391.7ppm but temperature second coldest this century. Enter graphs:

So from what we have learned from the press, the "scientists" that are getting their breads baked by IPCC and the politicians too lazy to read something longer than 18 pages, more Co2 means more Celsius.
So when more Co2 doesn't mean more Celsius? What do we do? More science?

Call me cynical but I think not, not yet anyway. This craze will die down soon enough. There isn't enough scientific data to support it but there are so many powerful men and women that has promised us to save the world by taking our money, and they will have to be able to save face and back gracefully out of this malarkey to make it a quick death.

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Calm Before the Storm

So it seems that the east coast of the US is gonna get hit by a severe storm. The subway is closing down for the first time ever, the largest evacuation ever and so on and so forth. This has gotta be extreme weather right? And you don't need a Nobel Prize or Academy Award to draw the line between the Man Made Global Warming Climate Change Climate Chaos and this new super-storm, eh! It's just that easy, isn't it?

More Co2 = death to all! I have the Power Point to prove it. PS I'll take checks, they absolves you from guilt

Believe it or not, but it turns out that the complex, chaotic system that changes temperature, moves water and creates clouds is more sophisticated than:
if add co2
  disp fire earth
  disp voodoo science

If we slowly backs away from the madness and take a sober look around into what the real scientist are saying, we may learn that we have less storms now than for over 2000 years, and that a little bit warmer global mean temperatures may yield less and less severe storms, hurricanes, typhoons and mistrals.

Also, there have been pretty funky weather in the past also, and that was before Co2 taxation made Al Gore a Billionaire

I absolutely believe there is a perfect storm here, and it's been blowing since 1988 when IPCC was formed to try to convince the world newspapers and politicians that the recent warming it had (probably) experienced since the last mini-Ice Age (really? The world warmed after a low period? And also, that's a bad thing? Like the year without summer was a good year for people, crops and everything?) was all down to the modern society's emission of carbon-dioxide by the burning of fossil fuels in power-plants and cars, trucks and boats.

The Perfect Storm
What can be better than a great threat to humanity which you can do something about by increasing taxes and government? It's the Perfect Storm, it's the wet dream for politicians to make them seem concerned and able. It's the wet dream for whatever passes for journalists these days, the have fodder for years and years writing about all the terrible things that are happening, will happen, can happen and what you (always you, not they. They are far too important to take the train, cycle or walk) can do to make that terrible threat go away.
And finally, it's the wettest of wet dreams for the scare mongers that lives on selling crises and themselves as the crusaders against everything evil; the fucking Marxist enviromentalists! Greenpeace, WWF, PATT, SocEnv and so on forever and ever.

Maybe the weather is affecting more people because we are more people? 
In 1874 there where 946,000 people living in Cambodia, a country notorious for it's tropical monsoons and disastrous floodings. Today they are 15 million.
In 1870 the US had 38 million people, today it's close to 310 million. 

140 years may seem like a long time for us, and that's what they want you to believe. Remember that mother Earth is 4.54 Billion years old (unless you take all your knowledge from one collection of badly written, loosely connected short stories called The Bible, but then again if you believe in that, what are you doing on the internet?) so it's just a blink of an eye. Should we stop society and bring back the dark ages because of this? I by "society" I mean Europe because India has always been excepted (oh the irony, I'm naturally referring to the railway engineer Pachauri who is also head of the IPCC), China wasn't bothered, Japan got sick of it, and the US have revised their standing since Mr Hope Obama "saved" the COP15 last minute somehow. Saved faces maybe...

Until scientists will be able to research further into this complex matter I will regard climate as a very complex and sophisticated chaotic system that we know very little about. Maybe CLOUD will tell us more? 
Until we know, they can take their goddamn taxes and attitude and fuck off. Socialism never won, it just cost millions upon millions of lives and countless misery to lose.

Friday, 12 August 2011


                                                               .......or the birds & the bees at least (flowers and bees in Swedish)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Adora BatBrat

Model: Adora BatBrat                             

Sunday, 7 August 2011


You are not stuck in traffic...

                                                                                     are traffic

Friday, 5 August 2011

La Belleza

Emerald bearing beauty,
you have oceans in your eyes.

Velvet voiced angel,
the sirens seek advice.

Fair haired fairy,
a moonbeam in the night.

Pale skinned splendour,
did you dress in liquid light?

Friday, 22 July 2011

Terrorist Bombings in Norway

Sometimes I really wish there was a hell, so you can burn for eternity. 

Saturday, 2 April 2011


In 2010 the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov for their work on the material known as Graphene. So you'd suppose it's a big deal, this new form of carbon, and you'd suppose right. It is widely regarded as a material made of dreams forged by angels and sent to man to fulfil our destiny.

In 1962 Hanns-Peter Boehm described single-layer carbon foils which got picked up Geim who decided to take a closer look at the flat 2D version of Nanotubes. He fought the general opinion that it shouldn't be stable in this form. He and Novoselov actually lifted off flakes from Graphite (which basically is sheets of Graphene stacked) with tape. After repeating this numerous times they eventually had an ultra-thin single-atom layer flake of Graphene that they placed on a silicone-dioxide surface.
Their research was published in Science in 2004 and describes the properties of Graphene, like the fact that electrons shoot through ballistically, travelling huge distances without scattering and by introducing a Field Effect Transistor, the properties could be dramatically changed

Field Effect Transistor in groovy colours

Why is it special?
Physicists are a bunch of lovely weirdos, from the reality challenged not-crazy Dr Sheldon Cooper (his mother had him tested) with poor social skills & fantastic intellect via sir Isaac Newton who discovered  everything and had the dubious honor to star in the DaVinci Code to Willebrord Snellius who is only here because he has the most fantastic name ever.
What they all have in common though, is that they ponder things. That is basically thinking but with a pipe.
They have spent the better part of a century pondering the properties of Graphene but without something to study it was pretty much guesses and smoke rings
I've been pondering, Bilbo. What awesome wand I could have if we only could isolate a single atom layer of carbon

When Geim and Novoselov managed to produce a flake of Graphene the physicists could start to study it experimentally. And it shows unique electronic properties due to it's hexagon pattern. The electrons spread across the lattice and creates waves of electric charge known as quasiparticles. These particles can be compared to light photons but still retain certain characteristics of electrons (charge and spin). They have now been able to test the Klein Paradox thanks to Graphene, and that is in short that relativistic charged particles can tunnel through any energy barrier. And this is because these particles generate a ghost-version of the anti-particle. From there on it gets a little far out for us with normal minds, jobs and tobacco.

Cool, but what can we use it for?
Well, cooling actually. It dissipates heat better than copper. It also shows great promise to use in processors (doesn't everything that is being invented or discovered nowdays), transmitters and recievers (especially in the terahertz range), batteries, supercapacitors or other forms of energy storage.

Graphene is also transparent which opens up new and exciting possibilities, LCD:s, OLED:s or touchscreens.

It is also the strongest material ever tested with a plethora of materials it can replace when building strong light-weight stuff like cars, planes, space elevators or maybe buildings?

Graphene has also been used as a chemical filter, removing arsenik from drinking water has already been done and can we make cheap and easy-to-use filters that could change the lives of countless people around the world where clean water is hard to come by. 

I may not be a scientist, designer, inventer, genious or heartless CEO but I do smoke pipe and ponder and I can see a future where a child in Africa is using his Graphene cup (GrapCup patent pending) to fill up with water in a nearby stream not thinking about the dead hippopotamus upstream leaking death. And while the cup itself clean the water it also access the internet and sends the homework to the transparent OLED in the lid, tweeting to his mates "guys, there is an enormous carcass here, let's blow it up" the filming them while it rains rotten hippo on the villiage elders and posting it on youtube. And there you are with your swiss armyknife that can open cans AND pick your teeth. Not so proud anymore, are you? 

The lesson here kids is: smoke pipes, don't smoke cigarettes. Oh, and do science, it's awesome.

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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Congratulations Egypt

                                use it well

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Illuminate me from above

Illuminate me from above
let me walk a while in the sun
I’ve spent too many nights
with my mouth around a gun

Illuminate me from above
let me have my moment at last
let me live in the presence
and forget about the past

I’ve searched through my heart
I’ve sifted through bitter ashes
to find a sturdy part
a black box they find at crashes

I’ve fled to another world
to cut the cord that binds me
to this broken world
but somehow it always finds me

Illuminate me from above
point me out to the reaper
the shadows hide me no more
I’m tired of being a creeper

Light me up from below
if that’s where you want to send me
I’ve cursed enough to be welcomed
I’ve hated enough to be loved

                                         - Saint Magnus

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