Saturday, 17 September 2011

Climate update - Co2 rising, temp not following

Despite what we hear from the scientific political camp the increase of Co2 in our atmosphere still doesn't raise the temperature to dangerous levels. The August reading at Mauna Lau reads Co2 at 391.7ppm but temperature second coldest this century. Enter graphs:

So from what we have learned from the press, the "scientists" that are getting their breads baked by IPCC and the politicians too lazy to read something longer than 18 pages, more Co2 means more Celsius.
So when more Co2 doesn't mean more Celsius? What do we do? More science?

Call me cynical but I think not, not yet anyway. This craze will die down soon enough. There isn't enough scientific data to support it but there are so many powerful men and women that has promised us to save the world by taking our money, and they will have to be able to save face and back gracefully out of this malarkey to make it a quick death.

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